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L031 Photo du site
Charcot-Leyden crystals in stools
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ordre : 11872
M. Gari-Toussaint
P014 Photo du site
Acanthamoeba sp. – Trophozoite (15 µm to 35 µm) growing on bacterial lawn
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ordre : 600
M-L. Dardé
P037 Photo du site
Human African trypanosomiasis – Trypanosomal chancre
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ordre : 1160
Ph. Vincendeau
P199 Photo du site
Plasmodium malariae – Trophozoite on thin blood smear (MGG stain, X1000)
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ordre : 1800
J-F. Pays
P484 Photo du site
Toxoplasma gondii – Tachyzoites
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ordre : 2474
C. Sarfati
R037 Photo du site
Burkina Faso, Niangoloko area – Senoufo village (August 1986)
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ordre : 12100
J. Amat-Roze
R068 Photo du site
Gabon - Canopy of secundary forest (1989)
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ordre : 11950
D. Richard-Lenoble/M. Kombila
R074 Photo du site
Dracunculiasis – Transmission by drinking water from a waterhole
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ordre : 11930
D. Richard-Lenoble
T022 Photo du site
Main foci of malaria due to Plasmodium malariae
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ordre : 1940
C775 Photo du site
Aspergillus fumigatus - Macroscopic features in culture
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ordre : 9681
M. Pihet
C733 Photo du site
Reversed halo sign in a patient with pulmonary mucormycosis (CT scan)
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ordre : 10341
F41 Photo du site
Loa loa: isolation of the adult worm from the eye
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ordre : 21701
F42 Photo du site
Pthirus pubis
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ordre : 43
Xavier Sansico
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